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Important Dental Health Care and Education

Adequate dental care is very important for people of all ages. Proper dental health is dependent on regular dental checkups and cleanings, so the smallest of dental issues don't become more serious and expensive problems to treat. 

Clear Creek Dental, LLC is here to assist you with all of your dental needs and it is highly recommended that you partake in regularly-scheduled dental checkups and cleanings, regardless of your age of the condition of your teeth.

Great Tips for Daily Dental Health Care

  • Brush your teeth after meals using a toothbrush with soft or medium bristles
  • Use a toothpaste that includes fluoride
  • Use dental floss each day
  • Eat fewer sweets, especially between regular meals
  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco products
  • Visit your dentist for regular cleanings and dental checkups

Dental Scaling and Planing Possibilities

If your last dental cleaning has been more than a year ago, you may require additional periodontal scaling or cleaning of the tooth below your gum line. Tartar deposits commonly develop in these difficult-to-reach areas and can cause tooth decay or periodontal disease if left unchecked.

If these conditions already exist, our professional hygienists can use advanced tools and dental technology, including ultrasonic technology, to take care of these deposits and treat any damage they may have created in your teeth or surrounding gum tissues.

In some cases, the roots of your teeth may also require planing or a fine scaling. This means that the texture of your tooth was made rough as a result of the cleaning process and it needs to be made smooth again so your gum tissue will better attach itself and allow your mouth to properly heal. To ensure your maximum comfort during these treatments, our hygienists can administer a helpful local anesthetic. 

Are Sealants a Good Option for Your Teeth?

Sealants also act as an additional barrier for preventing cavities. We can apply a thin, plastic coating to your molars, which will help to protect them from plaque and acids. Applying the sealants is an entirely painless process and does not involve invasive injections of any type.  

The plastic resin sealant painted on your teeth then bonds directly to your teeth and we use a special cure light to help it solidify and harden. Children and teenagers are common candidates for the use of dental sealants because they are the most likely to develop cavities, however, they are perfectly suitable for adults of all ages as well.

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Our team at Clear Creek Dental also specializes in cosmetic treatments, dental treatment options, orthodonticsoral sedation and aftercare tips and advice.

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